Node uses the koa framework with mongodb. Is there any good plan?

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The koa framework is set up, and the mongodb database will be operated according to different routes.
The example of Ruan Yifeng

Ruan Yifeng’s example does not suit me. I don’t know if there is a better plan.

According to different routes

Are you talking about REST API? If so, many third parties have already implemented it. The document contains information about these frameworks:
In fact, what framework to use and how to operate the database are two relatively independent issues. NodeJS cannot operate MongoDB without any framework.mongooseOr ..node-mongodb nativeOne of the two drivers, as to when to call these drivers to access the database, depends on the usage habits of KOA or other frameworks. So I don’t see any special points that need to be explained when koa framework and mongodb are used together. The problem can be further refined.