NodeJs app with Express,cause“request is not finished yet”?

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As the title said, i use express-session and redis deal with session. code like this:

 store: new RedisStore({
 "host": "",
 "port": "6379",
 "ttl": 60 * 60 * 20,
 "pass": "",
 "db": 0,
 "prefix": "session"
 name: "sessionid",
 secret: '',
 resave: true,
 saveUninitialized: true,
 cookie: {
 path: '/',
 httpOnly: false,
 secure: false,
 maxAge: 60 * 60 * 20
 rolling: true,
 unset: "destroy"

It can store session and works well.

When i request a link likehttp:// id=tosonemake sure which id is available. Problems are coming in Chrome except firefox and safari.

My NodeJs server will response to chrome{code: 200, and wait for a long long time, the browser state isrequest is not finished yet, and JS is not run.

After a long long time about 2 minutes, Chrome will get the full information{code:200}. it looks like the browser wait for thebracketFull stop

But the Server Log said it had responsed the whole information to browser long before. the log is this:GET /sign/availd_id? id=tosone 200 73.555 ms, it comes when i refresh the browser.

there is nothing with http keep-alive in my code.

Remove the code above or with firefox, problems will never been like that.

I met the same problem, but I didn’t find the necessary rule. The only thing that can be confirmed is that Firefox has always been fine. There are problems with chrome, and occasionally there will be no problems.