Nodejs express 4 uses ejs. how do I set open and close?

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ejs = require 'ejs' = "{{"
 ejs.close = "}}"
 app.engine "html", ejs.renderFile
 app.set 'views', viewsRoot
 app.set 'view engine', 'html'
 app.set 'view options', {"open":'{{',"close":'}}'}

The above settings have been written, but it is not easy to make. I looked for the official document 4x inside and there seems to be no view options.

Does anyone know how to set it up?

Ejs has two major versions

Version 1.0Previously maintained by tj, support{{}}

Version 2.0After that, it was maintained by mde and is no longer supported.{{}}This way of writing

So the solution is to specify your ejs version as 1.0.0