Nodejs Not Showing Full Data to Front End? ? Json transmission

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First of all, thank you for helping me look at this problem. Thank you very much.

Describe the problem

  1. The Express framework of Node.js is adopted as a whole.

  2. I read a comment object of an answer (answerComment) and then read the author’s information (also an object) of the comment according to its author’s IDauthor)

  3. = author;, assign a value, and then pass theconsole.log(;The value of author is displayed.

  4. But throughres.status(200).json({comment: answerComment});This sentence is passed at the front end when transmitting data to the front end.var response = JSON.parse(request.responseText);After obtaining the response, use theconsole.log( isundefined, outputconsole.log(response.answerComment)The data of is data, the form is as follows:


My question is why after assigning a value to an object, the output of the object can be displayed at the back end, but it cannot be displayed at the front end. Is it undefined? ? ? ? ?

response.anserCommentThis object is not withoutauthorIs it? Onlyauthor_id~~