Nodejs npm failed to install cordova.

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Want to learn ionic and start installing the environment
After installing jdk, ant and nodejs, it got stuck when installing cordova.
With the command npm install -g cordova, there was a reaction, as if it were downloading.
But the installation did not succeed after a while.
Using cordova -version to Prompt cordova Is Not an Instruction

I don’t know how to solve it
I hope the great god can point out a clear path! ! !

After executing echo percentage path percentage:

No problem executing in nodejs component
It’s sort of settled
Thank you for the

But why can’t you run the app created by cordova?
It seems to be Google’s chrome browser
Is there any way to change the browser

Well, it is said that only chrome browser can be used. It seems that win8 can be changed.
I will use chrome browser for him, hey hey

The first is a mirror image of another continent.

Second, look at youC:\Users\ username \ appdata \ roading \ npmNot in the environmental variable inside. Cordova is installed there in the same way as JAVA.