Npm install problem under linux

  node.js, question

I used a node mvc framework.sails
Then usenpm install -g sailsFor global installation
Under normal circumstances there will be a stepnode-gyp rebuild
But now I don’t know why the card appearednode-gyp rebuildThe previous step of
The command line from insideLineHas been very slow, very slow speed in turn, but waited for a long time without response is why?

Ps: Try to install other simple modules such asnpm install -g n
It can be installed normally.
But it will promptpm WARN unmet dependencyWhat

Problem update
I used the mirror image of Taobao
Successfully crossed that threshold
But there is another problem,,, isnode-gyp rebuildSince then, it seems that it has not been able to continue.
After a while, he jumped out and did not finish the installation.

Visual inspection did not install C plus compilation module