Npm installation module error ERRWindowNT6.1.7601

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Recently, I bought a new computer with win7 installed, but I don’t know why there is such an error when installing npm after installing nodejs. After reading a lot online, I said it was a proxy problem. I set registry as the mirror image of Taobao in China, but it still doesn’t work, so I asked Daniel for an answer. ..

  1. runnpm config get proxyLook what you got.

  2. If the above return is not empty,npm config set proxy nullOr ..npm config delete proxy, by the way, turn off https agent alsonpm config set https-proxy null, certificate problem, turn off the certificate checknpm config set strict-ssl false, of course, you don’t have to type all the above commands, according to the error message prompt, choose the corresponding solution, and then try again

  3. If the command of 1 is empty, check if there is HTTP_PROXY in your environment variable

  4. Is there a global agent