Nvm viewing node version on mac returns only n/a.

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callnvm ls-remoteReturn onlyN/A

The reason may beThe SSL certificate authority installed in the system is outdatedIt would be a better first step to check this point and try to solve this problem.
In addition, I would like to point out that the following solution is intended as a temporary solution. If you are in trouble and really need temporary use, it is not recommended to permanently modify the exported image or modify nvm.sh script itself.

You can use a non-https version

export NVM_NODEJS_ORG_MIRROR=http://nodejs.org/dist

If still can’tSh fileIncurlAdd-kRequest in unencrypted form.

-- nvm.sh --
 nvm_download() {
 16  if nvm_has "curl";  then
 17    curl -k $*
 18  elif nvm_has "wget";  then
 19    # Emulate curl with wget

nvm ls-remote command results in “N/A”