On the issue of bidirectional binding of angularjs

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I defined the input tab in html page inside and gave an ng-model=”newLabel “,but why do I use it in js
New label cannot get the value. oh, it has not been defined. Js is externally referenced

This is the controller code

app.controller('addLabelList',['$scope','severLabel',function ($scope,severLabel) {
 $scope.saveBtn = function () {
 var str = $scope.newLabel;
 Var _ newlabel = {name: str, percentage: "100%"};

This is html code

< ion-view view-title= "add label" ng-controller = "add label" >
 <ion-nav-buttons side="left">
 <a class="button button-icon icon ion-ios-undo-outline" href="#/tabs/label"></a>
 <ion-nav-buttons side="right">
 <button class="button button-clear" style="font-size: 11pt;  padding-right: 6px" ng-click="saveBtn()" ui-sref="tabs.label">
 <ion-list type="list-inset " class="addLabel">
 Label name
 < input type="text" placeholder= "please enter a label" ng-model = "newlabel" style = "display: inline;   padding-left: 20pt;  font-size: 11pt">
 <ion-item class="item-select">
 Grasp the situation
 < option>10% < /option >
 < option>20% < /option >
 < option>40% < /option >
 < option>60% < /option >
 < option>80% < /option >
 < option selected="">100% < /option >

Every time I output model in js, I display undefined
May I ask why? By the way, I tried elsewhere and can get js by writing it in html, but now I have to quote it externally

I found the answer, here it is.https://segmentfault.com/q/1010000000666592Answer number one