On the issue of open source free trial rights, provide credit is What Do You Mean?

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I saw a good UI Js library on github, and then README mentioned that the UI is based onhttp://materialmockups.com/This design, so I went to download a copy of the design of the website, and then there was a paragraph in it as follows: my English is not very good, but it looks as if it is free, and then credit must be provided if I try it out. the translation software translates to credibility … so I don’t know if I can try it out casually, please help me to see if it can be tried out at will.

CARBON – Material Wireframe Kit

We may use this Kit as you want, in personal or commercial projects!
You may not redistribute it thought and if you include it in freebies links, collections etc. you mustprovide creditFull stop

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https://dictionary.cambridge ….

The simple thing is that you have to thank the original author in the code inside.