On the small white problem used by socket.io

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 //Prompt for User Name
 Val ('Please Enter User Name');


< div id = "input" > < inputtype = "text" value = "uninitialized" > < /div >

Socket can be successfully established, and the value of input can also be changed toPlease enter your user name
1. But why hasn’t the value of the HTML page inside changed?
If usedinput.textIf it were, it could have changed at that time.
2、input.textOn behalf of What? Its value is What?

Can be scattered … Answer the main selector is to choose id as input, did not choose to input …
In addition, when testing the code, it should be noted that the client JS and the server JS are separate, that is, I console.log will only output the console.log instruction of the client app.js inside …
In addition . . How does this close?