People use nodeJS in those scenes

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What kind of scenes do you use nodeJS?

The only place I can touch nodeJS now is in the front-end build script, which combines gulp or webpack to write some custom compilation logic.

NodeJS does not feel as rich and mature as php plus nginx as a web server and web container.
The http server written by nodeJS has to do everything by itself, which is far less powerful than nginx.

If the front and rear ends are isomorphic, js is used for all, and mongoDB is added for the worse.
I don’t think it is necessary. php can also be used as a web backend well. if there is no storage requirement with irregular patterns, mongoDB is not necessary. it is important that few programmers are familiar with the two or the three. even if it is a full stack, they don’t need to have both front-end and back-end databases. even if they all use JS, they have specialized skills. moreover, the difficulty in using nodeJS lies in the knowledge of the server side, and the difficulty in using mongoDB lies in the knowledge of data storage, not the language level.

So now I see that many companies need nodeJS to recruit people, and I don’t understand what to do with nodeJS.

Php is not much better than node if it is separated from the framework. The mainstream of pure back-end node is still the frameworks of express and koa. The front-end node mainly lies in applications such as grunt and npm. There are few advantages over other languages before es6. All the advantages advocated by node are gradually lost to other linguistics. The performance is really not as high as it used to be.
Js will be used to learn node. this is what should be done. now the front end cannot be developed without node. of course, there are also requirements for node at the back end, but I think playing is more interesting. Of course, the premise is that you can speak another back-end language and use it perfectly.