Photo upload request process

  node.js, question

I uploaded the picture to the server. when I received this request, was the picture accepted in the background, but the data has not been transferred to the picture yet? Or? What is this piece of knowledge called? Ask Daniel to talk more about his opinions.

There is a problem with your way of asking questions, you can only give an example to answer.
Take php for example (I am only familiar with php on the web side). Picture uploading can be divided into form transmission (enctype is multipart/form-data), normal post data transmission and streaming transmission.
If the form is uploaded, the uploaded file will be placed in a specified location. You only need to copy it and rename it. The function move_uploaded_file will be used.
If the data is uploaded through post, the php side needs to write files after receiving the data, and functions such as fopen and fwrite will be used.
If it is streaming upload, you only need to obtain streaming data and generate files, and you will use the two functions file_get_contents and file_put_contents.