Publishing repo on github Needs Attention to What?

  node.js, question

For the first time, github was here

I saw a catalog of items like this
But mine is like this

Excuse me:
1. Why doesn’t its project have node_modules? Don’t you need them?
Is it necessary to 2.makefile and travis.yml?
3. Is there any standard for naming files and folders?
4. If I don’t publish it to npm but directly put it under node_modules as a module, is there any problem?
5. Named asbaidu-ocr-idcardIs it infringement?

Is there anything else that needs attention? Thank you

  1. Because node_modules is generated during installation. Automatically generated files are generally not added to the warehouse. Filter it out in your global gitignore file.
  2. If you use make to build your project, you will need Makefile. If you use’s CI service, you need to register and add travis.yml files.
  3. It is customary to have many file names.
  4. I don’t know npm. But can others use it easily?
  5. Do not submit documents containing passwords and other information to the warehouse.
  6. Don’t submit huge and useless compressed packages and automatically generated files.