QQ third party login problem

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callbackUrl = window.location.origin 加 window.location.pathname 加 window.location.pathname;
 qq: {
    get_authorize_link: function(callbackUrl, state, isMobile) {
        var redirect_uri = callbackUrl;
        var link = 'https://graph.qq.com/oauth2.0/authorize?client_id=101285264';
        link 加= '&redirect_uri=' 加 encodeURIComponent(redirect_uri);
        link 加= '&scope=get_user_info';
        if (isMobile)
            link 加= '&display=mobile';
        if (state)
            link 加= '&state=' 加 state;
        link 加= '&response_type=code';
        return link;

window.location.href = link;


How to use code to get Access Token
I don’t know how to use official documents.
Can anyone elaborate
I use angular plus nodejs

Is OAuth2.0 the first time? OAuth2.0′ s access process is similar. code for access token is a separate interface. The address is:https://graph.qq.com/oauth2.0/tokenParameters in the document inside said very clearly:
Percentage of http://wiki.open.qq.com/wiki/website/ E4 …