React uses material-ui Warning for server-side rendering

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When react built the project, it used server-side rendering.
When joinedmaterial-uiWhen the war appeared

Warning: React attempted to reuse markup in a container but the
checksum was invalid. This generally means that you are using server
rendering and the markup generated on the server was not what the
client was expecting. React injected new markup to compensate which
works but you have lost many of the benefits of server rendering.
Instead, figure out why the markup being generated is different on the
client or server: (client) tyle=”did-flip:true; -webkit-tap-highligh
(server) tyle=”did-flip:true; tap-highlight-color:


 Hindtext = "user name"
 underlineFocusStyle={{borderColor: Colors.amber900}}
 defaultValue="" /><br/>
 Hindtext = "password"
 type="password" /><br/>
 Label= "login" secondary={true} /><br/ >
global.navigator.userAgent = req.headers['user-agent']

Autoprefixer needs to set ua to compile the corresponding prefix