Recently, flour has had several internships in front end development, including Ali’s summer vacation and some companies. Some interview questions can’t be found with clear answers on the Internet, so ask for help from the Great God!

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There are some unanswered answers to Ali’s question:
1) What is the difference between mobile resource optimization and PC side?
The interviewer specifically refers to resource optimization, which should refer to http and caching. I don’t understand the difference between mobile and PC
2) What pain points does 2)Angular encounter?
There are some answers on this website, but when I use it myself, I don’t really have any feelings.
3) A BUG appears on a project line, but the development environment cannot be reproduced. The online project code is compressed and confused. How to modify the BUG
When asked by the interviewer Ali II flour, I had no idea at all.
4) can 4)vue completely replace AngularJs?
I said it is ok to cooperate with other vuex, vue-router, etc. I don’t know what the answer is.

Problems of other companies:
1) Preparation before the project goes online:
What I answered at that time was that gulp configuration automatically compresses and confuses some codes, removing console.log, image compression, etc. However, the interviewer said that this was not what he wanted, because I did not prepare for the launch of the project during my internship. I would like to ask someone who knows this.
2) How does 2)AngularJs module other than module
I don’t know this either …..

Thank you for your reply ~ Xiao Wei’s fresh chicken is very grateful.

I don’t know
2)Angular dirty value detection is very expensive and invasive
3)source map
4) I think you are right.

1) Did he ask about the release process? Lift test, test, regression test, deployment?
2) It can be modularized by combining the modularization mechanisms of AMD requirejs, commonjs and es6.

The above is my nonsense, in fact I don’t know, (escape