Recovery of npm Global Path under windows10 or Completely Delete npm?

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The windows10 system, previously suspected that each global installation and query path did not match, so it was changed according to the online tutorial:
1. Change the prefix and cache of inside of npmrc file to the desired path: point to the two folders of node-cache and node-global newly created on disk E.
2. use npm config set command to change prefix and cache path again in git bash (same as in 1)
3. The path where the NODE_PATH folder is located is added to the environment variable of the system
Then it is not good for both global and local. I will install gulp globally and then install it in the local folder, but in git bash, bash:gulp:command not found is displayed. simply uninstalling npm and nodejs and reinstalling it will have no effect. the path of npm root -g or something has not changed. other paths will also retain the previous settings. would you like to ask how to uninstall completely or what is the solution?
Thank you for your reply. . After a long time of tossing and turning, there was no effect. . .

After adding NODE_PATH to the environment variable inside, Path should also be changed to “D:nodejsnode_global” so that your new directory can be used

However, it cannot be removed from the catalogue. Ask the same question.