Regarding the use of html2canvas, a screenshot plug-in for web page elements, please ask for help, hurry up!

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My current requirement is to output a page element as a picture on the mobile side. The problem lies in that the plug-in is generated according to the width of the element. In other words, the width of the picture generated by the plug-in is the same as that of my element, which is actually reasonable, but I need to generate a larger picture because the picture on the mobile side is adaptive, that is to say, my picture is actually 10001000, according to the mobile phone may adapt to 320640, which leads to the size of the picture I generate is not as large as I want, and html2canvas actually provides the attribute of configuring width and height, but it is only effective for canvas, and the page element is still 320 width. What should I do?

Found it yesterdayArticle, need to slightly modify the source code, call when more wide and high into it