Seven Niu compressed pictures are persistent and can be successfully processed by the browser, but the node.js code is not successful.

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Error in 1.node.js

Use request to trigger picture compression and persistence in node.js:

javacriptvar request = require('request');
 Url: "The url code of the picture is persistent. Don't worry here. I'm sure I didn't write it wrong."
 }, function (err, res, body) {

Results returnedError

javascript{"error":"verify the sign failed"}

2. browser is normal

butI copied the url to the browser insideCan trigger persistence correctly


May I ask which great god told me the reason is What?

The error has been found becauserequestThe module will execute the uri I have written.encodeURI
So, in the urlxxxxxx|saveasxxxxxxprevious|Will be escaped toPercentage 7C, resulting in an error.
If you use the native http method, you won’t make mistakes. Alas, sometimes you can’t be lazy.