Simulated login returns 301?

  node.js, question

I simulated logging into segmenfault and returned such header information to me.

HEADERS: {“content-length”:”0″,”location”:” _=e621fe4ba52123afcf01eebce7a26267″,”connection”:”close”}

What is this? How? Is the parameter not correctly set? The request header is the request header for copying login here

I tried the program, there are several places to pay attention to:
1. The request method must bePOST
2.Content-TypeThe request header is set toapplication/x-www-form-urlencoded
There is one after the interface address._=xxxParameter of, required, otherwise 404 (F12 input the wrong password to copy the parameters)
4.CookieRequest header, required, otherwise report 404 (F12 copy one lump)
5.RefererRequest header must be, required, otherwise 404

This is the wrong account password, returnJSONFormat

Decoded error message

Successful login returns directlyHTMLString