Some chrome pictures show only one box.

  node.js, question
  1. I don’t know when to start, after opening the webpage, some pictures only show a box.
    Like this:

There should have been pictures in the sidebar on Taobao, but the results showed this way.


  1. Chrome version 47.0.2526.111 m

    The system is upgraded to win10 automatically by win7
  2. Extension, after all disabled or so, don’t know which extension caused it
    Is there any solution

  • This is a comparison between edge and chrome. Is it because font-family in chrome is not loaded?

  • As for the problem of customizing fonts, I have never customized them before. The solution found online is to force the use of Microsoft YaHei or other fonts. However, the text fonts on the page have indeed changed, and this icon is still not displayed.

Have you changed the font? You’d better use the default