Some common points between Backbone.js and Nodejs are not clear, please advise

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Front-end aspect
I used Backbone.js to do the front-end development. The impression of inside is that the back-end sends JSON data according to the attributes of model objects. I just wrote it in the template inside to render it.
Build a model
Rendered view
Routes, events, etc

Back-end aspect
I contacted Nodejs in the past two days. I originally wanted the front end to use Backbone as the structure, and then use Nodejs as the server development (using express framework) to connect the database to transfer data to the front end. However, when I checked the data on the Internet, I found that if I used Nodejs template to write the front end, in the rendering places such as

app.get('/', function (req, res) {
 res.render('index', { title: 'Hey', message: 'Hello there!'  });

The second parameter of render feels very similar to the properties of Backbone inside model. If Mongoose is used to connect Mongodb, the data can also be loaded directly. Does it mean that the Model module and render in Backbone do not need to be used when Backbone is used in conjunction with Nodejs? Then I feel that Backbone is quite useless?

Of course, what I said is probably wrong. I just want to know what I understand is wrong. My question is as follows:
When Backbone cooperates with Nodejs, the Model module and render in Backbone can be directly replaced by similar modules in express inside?
Is Backbone and Nodejs in tune? Under which circumstances is it suitable to be used together?
Why is Backbone.js suitable for single page development? Because of its route?

res.renderIt is returned by the server. Node gets the data and returns the rendered html to the browser in combination with the template engine (ejs, etc.). The remaining client interactions are handled by backbone, and the subsequent interactions are notres.renderThe, butres.jsonSuch as direct return of pure data to Backbone rendering.