Some Minor Issues on react Development

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I have done some projects before, and the general structure of the project is like this. the back end uses express framework to provide api, the front end express integrates swig template, renders pages, and then uses dot template to interact with back end data through ajax. later, I looked at reach and reflux. if my project wants to use reach, which part of the project is responsible for this reach?

React :A JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

The title tells us that it is just a JavaScript library to build the user interface.

I am also a novice, I have checked the information:ReactIs it designed for single page use?Most of the results of the search pointed out thatReactMainly for the construction of large single-page business. The front-end interface consists ofReactFull responsibility, Single page application’s jump byreact-routerResponsible for the state management and data loading of front-end pagesredux(reflux,fluxYou can be responsible for. Back end still in useexpressTo provideapiThe authentication of user login is also used at the back end.Express plus passportSuch as completion (the back end can still use server-side rendering to speed up the user’s first visit to the home page).

On the whole, that’s it. There’s too much nonsense …

In short:Any interface-related writing and interaction can be handed over toreactAnd the relevant libraries in its ecological circle, the back end will provide data, and verification is enough.