Some Questions about node as Backend

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Want to be a web platform, use node as the backend.
Before, I used node to write Blog system and angular’s demo. The blog was built by express. node is only used as route distribution and database operation, and then the logic is written in router inside. Angualr is an example of todolist. The front and back end communicate through $http, and then express still defines router to correspond to http requests.
Now I plan to do a complete project, Angular+Express+MongoDB. Do you think the back end only needs node to provide data to the front end?

Also, the structure of the project directly uses express’s default structure. Is it necessary to put all the front-end pages in view inside, and angualr’s service and controller in it, and then put the whole project on the server? Or is the front-end project a project placed on the server, and then the interface is forwarded to the server’s inside node project address through nginx. . .

May I trouble someone to answer this question? After searching a lot of information on the Internet, I feel that node mostly looks like the middle layer, so I have a lot of doubts about QAQ.
Thank you ~

I have encountered this problem before. Tell me about my plan (there are many similar or identical plans online), which is similar to that upstairs.
Restful API Server plus angular/reactive mvcserver(PS: React here not only refers to React itself, but also includes other components, such as Redux plus React-redux plus React-thunk plus React-router, etc.)

  • Explain:

    • Choose to build two servers, one server (Restful API Server) only provides Rest API services (you can understand it as providing data), and the other server (Angular/React MVC Server) is a service that implements Angular MVC architecture (you can understand it as front-end page UI view and data logic)