Some Questions about Separation of Front and Rear Ends

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Hi, great gods. What should I pay attention to if I want to practice the front-end and back-end separation structure within the company? At present, the company’s background language is java c Plus, which can provide json jsonp format interface.

Front end development doesn’t know node.js. Is it okay to put the code finished by front end development into nginx? Is there anything wrong?

Thank you very much.

At present, the front-end and back-end separation technology is that the front-end is responsible for the controller layer and the view layer, provided that the front-end classmates use nodejs.

Since the front end of the main company will not nodejs. That can only be developed using MVC mode (which is currently used most, including taobao and Alipay). In this cooperation mode, the front-end students can take the written page to the back-end students, and the back-end students can put data on the page and publish it.

The building owner can refer to the blog post “Evolution of Web Research and Development Mode” to get a general understanding of All Men Are Mortal with its front and back ends separated: