Sprity installation was unsuccessful.

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It seems to be the inner modulesprity-lwipProblems that cannot be installed.

npm install sprity



Sprity-lwip cannot be installed separately.

npm installl sprity-lwip


Sprity requires installationsprity-lwip, andsprity-lwipThe module needs to be installed again.lwip,lwipNeednode-gypPrecompiled only.

Finally, I tried to install it.lwip, also not successful, vomiting blood.

Installation of this module involves compiling native code. If npm
install lwip failes, you probably need to setup your system.See
. Building on Windows with Visual Studio requires
version 2013 or higher.

The above sentence is an introduction to the installation of lwip. If the installation fails, the system may need to be set up, but according to what he said, the installation is necessary or not.

Windows environment is Tai Hang, lwip is difficult to install successfully, but sprity can install successfully after I upgraded the system to win10 recently.