Technical Choice of Mobile Website

  node.js, question

Hello everyone, I am currently working on a mobile website:
Ask a few questions.

Now we are using jQuery mobile, sometimes there will be Caton, white screen, flashing.
1. Is this the reason of the network or the reason of too large resources and code performance?
2. I heard earlier that jQuery mobile will be slow. Because this website is relatively simple, I didn’t think too much about it. Now if you want to change, which frame is better?
3. The problem now is that I have loaded all the html at one time and used anchor points to locate it? Would it be better to switch to the requesting server?

I am a novice, the mobile technology is still groping, for this kind of scene, what kind of technology will you choose? I don’t know if the above problems have been considered, please forgive me.

Or is it to compress resources? But I used jQuery, jQuery mobile, which is really quite big.

Jquery mobile will not be very large, but the optimization is not very good, and zepto can be considered instead.