The content of the internship position for software engineers in the chip manufacturer (mtk) is doubtful.

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I took an internship offer, and it was the joint development department (Shanghai). I don’t know exactly what mtk will do after entering, but the job title is software engineer. During the interview, I heard the interviewer say that their department mainly does Android kernel and thread scheduling to solve all kinds of mobile phone problems for customers (such as crash, preventing being root, etc.), which sounds a bit like customer support, but he stressed that it is not customer support …. He said that he needs to read a lot of code and use instructions such as makefile. This is also the main reason why I hesitate to go. I feel that mtk is not very related to software development. …..
Another question is, can Android kernel be changed at will? Why should a chip manufacturer change Android’s kernel? Can I change the Android kernel to solve the phone crash or screen failure? Does this Android kernel version have to be released to all phones with this chip?
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It is suggested that the main topic can go to SOSO for embedded development. Of course, the kernel can be changed. After all, should it be compatible with hardware?