The disadvantages of requireJS r.js?

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If you use requireJS normally, it will all be loaded asynchronously. there is no problem.
My question is: when using r.js to merge and compress all dependent files in the node environment, that is to say, all scripts of the entire website (and all text fragments to be loaded, if any) will be loaded at once in the client browser, which may seem to save bandwidth (overall) and save connection times, but it will make the browser memory create all kinds of objects of the entire website at once (which should not have been loaded on the current page):
For example, all the Model, Collection, View and Router in the backbone with serious problems. I think this seems to be a very serious problem, ask the great god to answer:-)

I once raised a similar question, in which I mentioned the problem of compressing scripts for business combination. Some of the answers are worth thinking about. I’d like to share them with you.

Based on the front-end modularization project of requirejs, what tools can be selected to realize automatic compression and merging