The encryption and decryption before and after AES encryption are inconsistent.

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1. The front-end library jCryption 3.1.0 calls CryptoJS.AES.encrypt to encrypt data using aes-256-cbc to obtain a ciphertext of an Object


Convert this Object into a string to get a base64 encoded string:

U2FsdGVkX1 plus MJ0CMwQcBvyk plus SpiaVkIkRtw9pw2uT8hQL8y plus 1y9pqalyvdtz 7gqcbo0de2bdzwakq5cbld2/  GROMhdZXrNCWU plus Ue7hS2Y8 plus Vgd0Hhe plus dbdq2rfwfop8uokax3ureawfvo 7f0e6rb3vjgyfxdqefske 3ty0sjo9fqv/1utsi 4nvwt 5zc0epahwjerhiudg4svxbzrmr 38g = =

However, this base64 encoded value cannot be resolved in the backend nodejs


How is aes-256-cbc implemented in node.js and how can it be consistent with other implementations?
Please advise.

It can be determined that the calling method of jCryption is wrong, and the final output should not be an obj recommendation to check the official demo.