The first job choice is web front-end or nodejs back-end?

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I am a fresh graduate, and now I get the offer developed by Shanghai 58 anjike web front end and Hangzhou Getui nodejs back end. the salary of 58 is much higher. Want to ask how to choose, which is better?

Brother, first of all, the dependency of node.js of the Chinese team is not strong and its position is very embarrassing. Many enterprises treat this language as the middle layer. Furthermore, Java, the old back-end language, and PHP are not comparable to node in China. Although node’s concurrency is very strong and event-driven is the highlight and Asynchronous Input and Output is non-blocking, this is not enough to make this language a favorable competitor of the back-end, but the host can try to use node to develop in the direction of blockchain, or foreign enterprises have good feelings for node. If in recent years, it is suggested that the front-end of the web be used.