The small front-end uses the node tool. pretend ability is high but inconvenient? solve

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Using tools like the front-end tool (grunt gulp) in nodejs can really make you look better than the front-end white. sass and less also give people who have not come into contact with these tools the impression that you are great, but now the problem arises.
But there are several problems:
1. Use these tools to open the command line. If one or two projects are fine, but we do it together, and it seems too messy to open several command lines at the same time, or open this and that one at a time. Sometimes we change one or two lines of code, which makes it unnecessary. But you can’t compile without sass. Personally, it is much more convenient to use koala plus sublimetext plus livereload plug-in than node.

2. First of all, there is no GIT or SVN at the front end (don’t despise many companies). After writing the code, send an email to the back office staff. As a result, he said he would like to change css. Then he said that you should change it in my place instead of yours. Just a few lines of code were put on line in a hurry, but he didn’t have a node environment. I had to change css and changed a lot of places. In a couple of days, he asked me to change a lot of places. Then I used the previous sass file to change it. after I finished the change, I found that I had changed it on his machine before, and the result began to be chaotic … it was convenient to use sass when I wrote it myself earlier, but it was not convenient after I handed it back to the background. ….

Is there a good solution to these problems?

According to your description, it can be roughly judged that the job content (or job position) you mentioned is not quite in line with our positioning of “front end engineer” in recent years, but is very similar to the public’s previous recognition of the front end: “web reconstructor” and “page boy”. . .

There is no derogatory sense in it, only the work content is different.

If you follow your description, come up with a pile.AngularJS,React,vue,webpack,rollup,babel,AMD,CommonJS,ES2016,less,sass,stylus,async/awaitI really don’t see any need. Because after a while they will send it to the “back-end”, they may want to adapt to theirJSP/ASP/PHPIt needs you to make all kinds of adjustments, and all your “engineering” will be wasted!

From this perspective, I agree with you that “there is really no need”.

However, the “front end” is not only what you are looking at now, but also poems and fields from afar. For more introduction of the front end, see: