The web is nested in app. How do I control the version number?

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Nesting h5 in app, app has several different version numbers, and each customer has a different version number. How can h5 be controlled to be different from the old app version number in the new app inside version number and cannot affect the old version number? How can different versions of the same h5 correspond to different app versions?

The main revision of the title is due to a change in content, isn’t it?
If so, the version number should be not for app, but for content, for example, after each file md5, a section is taken as a unique identifier and put into the request path of the resource, such as the file name or parameters, so as to obtain the specific content of a certain version.
If not, that is to say, just to give different versions of resources for different app, then just define a naming rule for the resources. For example, the resource name plus platform name plus device name (if there is special customization for different devices) plus app version number and then underline and separate.

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The second method may be simpler because app inside can take the expected version as a parameter when requesting a page. The expected version app inside is known and the page server can return different versions of the page according to the parameter without affecting the previous version.