There is no response to executing hexo generate in window environment?

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I’m going to learn how to use hexo and github to build a static blog. There is a problem with the configuration according to the official website. Please ask Great God to help me look at it.


Usehexo init E:\BlogCommand, install the corresponding files in the corresponding folder, and then use thehexo generate/hexo gAndhexo serverA static page is generated, and the result prompts me how to use the command line. Why can’t I use it?

  1. Is it related tohexoAndnodeDoes the version matter?node(4.4.2) hexo(3.2.0)

  2. There will be no mistakes in the command, will there? (atwindow cmdBelow)

  3. Can’t run on cmd? Run on git bash and report an error.type: git?

You need to enter your initialized blog directory to execute the hexo generate and hexo server commands
Because the current working directory where you execute the command is not a blog directory, you are prompted that you can only initialize init