Two topics for today’s Ali front-end interns?

  node.js, question

The first is:

The arrangement of the three div requires equal width. I said it should be distributed according to the percentage of 33.33%. He said chubujin, solve?

The second is:

Suppose there are ten pages in a web page, and each page has a picture. ajax is used to process the requested picture.  For example, when you click on page 5, you think the picture is very good and you want to copy the url to your friend, but the friend must open the first picture because the url is always the url of the first page, so how can you make the other party jump directly to page 5?
 (Note: The examiner has always insisted that the url cannot be changed, that is, the anchor point cannot be changed.)

The first is the flex layout problem, the second is pjax, which is the routing problem. there are clear solutions on the internet.