Under Window platform, Vagrant is used for Nodejs development. What synchronization method do you use?

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The environment of Win8(host) plus Vagrant plus Virtualbox plus ubuntu(guest) is set up, and some problems are encountered in the synchronization mode.

  • Use Virtualbox to Share Folders
    Linking node_modules to ubuntu local partition works normally, but the file access efficiency is relatively poor. When performing the construction task, the construction speed is 4-5 times different from that of the local disk.

  • Synchronize folders using rsync
    The construction speed can be guaranteed, but one-way folder synchronization is inconvenient to use.

  • Synchronize folders using smb
    When using smb for folder synchronization, google encountered the problem that the soft links of node_modules could not be established in the shared folder, and many solutions failed.

I want to know what kind of folder synchronization methods are used when you use Vagrant to develop nodejs under window.

I didn’t use Vagrant, but directly used Win7 plus Virtual Box plus Ubuntu.
Even method:
1. Share a folder under windows (don’t ask me how I shared it, Baidu, the same below)
2. Use mount.cifs to mount this folder to a directory under Ubuntu.
3. Then just visit this directory directly.

Efficiency is acceptable.

Rsync is very inconvenient. In fact, I’ve always wanted to share files with NFS, but the efficiency of windows’ shared folders is acceptable, and I’m too lazy to do it again.