Understanding of separation of front and rear ends.

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Hello everyone, I am a back-end programmer who has just started (sort of). Using django to develop two simple websites, the laboratory recently had a small task. I would like to take this opportunity to learn about the technology of separating the front and back ends, or else it would be really outdated.

Regarding the separation of the front and rear ends, I have not had a clear concept. I have some thoughts in my heart, but I am not very confident.

Therefore, I would like to explain my understanding below and hope that experienced elder brother can help me to give advice.

First, nodejs is used as a transfer station. Although nodejs runs on the server, it handles front-end services such as routing, so it is part of the front end. The back end uses other languages to handle data problems and then communicates with nodejs.
Second, display logic is implemented through UIkit, such as routing, reading api, etc. These tasks are completed by browsers. Then the back end provides the api required by the front end in any other language.

The above is my own understanding, please correct me.

In the simplest terms, the back end only provides api and does not deal with any template-related business, whether the front end is directly rendered by using nodejs as a proxy or a browser ajax request. …