“verify the signfailed”

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After the complete link is spliced, the program accesses 401, and the browser accesses normally.

// qiniu saveas
 QN.prototype.saveas = function ( bucketname, key, saveBucketname, saveKey, param ) {
 const self = this;
 Geturl (bucketname, key) plus param;
 Constentryri = savebucketname plus':' plus saveKey;
 const encodedEntryURI = qiniu.util.urlsafeBase64Encode(entryUri);
 Url plus = '|saveas/' plus encodedEntryURI;
 const sign = qiniu.util
 .hmacSha1(url.replace('http://', ''), this._qiniu.conf.SECRET_KEY);
 const encodedSign = qiniu.util.base64ToUrlSafe(sign);
 Url plus = '/sign/' plus this._qiniu.conf.ACCESS_KEY _ keyplus':' plus encodedSign;
 //Request 401 here to report an error
 return http.get(url, function () {

Error message:

error: "verify the sign failed"

Do you want to know what the reason is, is it the request head?

Brother, have you solved it? I also met, what is the reason? solve