Vscode nodejs debugging appears (spannodenoent)?

  node.js, question
  • Operating environment OSX 10.11.5

  • Nodejs version 6.2.1

  • Vscode version 1.2.1

Node’s operating environment is installed in the ~/.git folder using nvm. after launching. JSON of vscode is set according to the instructions of the official website, an error prompt appears in debugging.Unable to start debug target (spannodenoent).

The guess is that because of the installation address of node, path should be reset in zshrc, but after searching, we did not find out how to set path.
Asking for guidance?

Mac Terminal:


$ which node

Js real path /path/to/node.js


$ ln -s /path/to/node /usr/local/bin/node

Note replacement /path/to/node