Vue route refresh problem, two routes correspond to one component, how can we overload the route

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Now the two routes correspond to the same component.
/a /b both routes correspond to componentA components.
When switching, components will not be overloaded, and events such as created will not be triggered. How do I make every switch trigger component overloading

Thank you for inviting me, but I suggest sending out more codes next time! My method is as follows

Vue’s route has the following objects

FullPath: path (including parameters)
Path: routing path
Query: parameter (id:1)
Params: parameters (id=1)

 watch: {
 //Monitor the route. As long as there are changes in the route (path, parameters, etc.) and the following functions are executed, you can
 $route: {
 handler: function (val, oldVal) {
 let _urlParams = this.$route.params;
 //The function triggered by the //created event can be written here  ...
 //are all componentA components, stating that Period is still there and cannot be changed.
 deep: true