Vuejs Develops a Functional Console Similar to Yi Qixiu

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1. Previously, a system similar to Yi Qixiu’s online drag-and-drop was developed with native js. Now, the second version wants to change vuejs or ng
2. The previous logic was to drag the components into the console, save or publish them, directly store dom plus style plus script into the database, and then read or publish them.
3. I would like to know how to realize this logic by changing it to vuejs.
4. In which form will the components be put into storage and taken out for use?

Use vue
Page: Different modules are written into different components (e.g., carousel component, grid component, navigation component, title component, search component, etc.), and different components are named into the database (including dom and fixed class name, etc.) when saving.
Style: Different modules are written into different components. The component style that needs to be changed is stored in the data data by using the variable name so as to modify the component style data in the settings.
The common page index.vue takes different components stored in the database and combines them into a page, and the style is read from the variable name.