Wechat failed to execute the picture reply message after uploading the picture.

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Recently, when we are studying official account on a social networking platform, we find a peculiar problem: every time we run WeChat upload picture interface (here I need to obtain media_id) and then execute WeChat message reply interface (send pictures of media_id), it will fail.
There is also a need for media_id to reply to Mao weixin’s picture message. can’t you directly link remote pictures?

I looked up some information on the Internet and found that it might be caused by overtime. After testing, I felt that this situation could be ruled out. There were too many WeChat pits and no errCode was returned.

Generating media_id is actually a good method. if you are on the side of wechat development, you will find such benefits.
There are many types of responses to messages that cannot be answered. For example, if you generate a two-dimensional code and want to send it to the user, you must first obtain media_id by uploading permanent material and then display it.