WeChat Webpage Scan Code Login Cannot Get User Information

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getToken: function(code) {
        var url = "https://api.weixin.qq.com/sns/oauth2/access_token?appid=id&secret=sec&code=" 加 code 加"&grant_type=authorization_code";
        //synchronous GET
        // console.log("url:" 加 url);
        var result = HTTP.get(url, {timeout:30000});
        // console.log("result:" 加 result);
        if(result.statusCode==200) {
            var respJson = JSON.parse(result.content);
            console.log("response received.");
            return respJson;
        } else {
            console.log("Response issue: ", result.statusCode);
            var errorJson = JSON.parse(result.content);
            throw new Meteor.Error(result.statusCode, errorJson.error);

Access_token and openid have been obtained, callinghttps://api.weixin.qq.com/sns/authaccess …There is no problem verifying access_token. However, using access_token and openid to obtain user information always returns errcode: 40001, errmsg: “invalid credentials, access _ token is invalid or not latest, hints: [req _ id: vkq6la0879ns44]”. The correct return is:

 "headimgurl": "http://wx.qlogo.cn/mmopen/g3MonUZtNHkdmzicIlibx6iaFqAc56vxLSUfpb6n5WKSYVY0ChQKkiaJSgQ1dZuTOgvLLrhJbERQQ4eMsv84eavHiaiceqxibJxCfHe/0",
 "unionid": " o6_bmasdasdsad6_2sgVt7hMZOPfL"

The scope for web page scanning code login can only be snsapi_login. is it because scope is not snsapi_userinfo and data acquisition failed?
So you can only get an openid when you log in to WeChat by scanning the code?

access_token is invalid or not latest
There is obviously a problem.

Check whether it is correct and has expired.