What about nodejs?

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After reading “Seven Days of Getting Started with nodejs” and the api of nodejs, there is still no clue. How can I get started?

  1. PracticeIs the best way to learn, if you can put what you have learned into practice, the efficiency is much higher than that of not practicing optics.

  2. Most of the time, the obstacles to learning node are not node itself, but related.Domain knowledge.

  3. In case of problems, learn to use google, stackflow and official documents.

Through practical learning

What can node do in ordinary days? You can try to practice your hands with the following

  • Tool development:比如网络爬虫脚本。写完这个,网络请求&解析、网页解析基本就妥妥了。不用觉得很难,有很多成熟的开源库来辅助你实现这个事情,比如 request、cheerio,简单的网络爬虫实现成本很低。

  • web serverSimilarly, there are already many mature web frameworks available, such as express. All you need is to use it, add and modify configurations, and add custom content. In the process of using, as long as you are willing, common modules such as http, fs, stream, url, path, etc. will open their doors to you.

What is the difficulty in learning node?

Let’s assume that you have mastered js more skillfully. Then, in the process of learning, you may encounter many problems. Trust me,Most of the problems are not node's own problems, but related domain knowledge..

For example, in learning the http module, you will be based on creating servers, port binding, parsing user requests, server response, disconnection, etc.

These things will be obstacles for many beginners to learn node. However, if you have come into contact with other languages, such as php and python, you will find that they are the same except for differences in grammar and details.

HTTP itself is an application layer protocol. When you know it well enough, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

Similarly, if you know the differences between processes and threads, how processes communicate with each other, how to create subprocesses and their differences, then you will be familiar with process and child_process.

What should I do if I encounter problems

Some people have already encountered the problems you encounter. Learn to use google, stackoverflow, and check node official documents frequently. Most of the problems will be solved easily.