What are some ORM packages that support redis and postgre in node environment?

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Currently considering Waterline or Caminte

Redis does database caching

Do you have any good suggestions?

No suggestion, because I’m watching it too.
I feel the same as you do. I also feel that Waterline and Caminte look good.

Update answer:
After watching many mainstream ORM, it seems that only Waterline and Caminte support Mongodb and Redis.
(Supporting more database types means that you don’t have to learn new libraries next time you don’t need Mysql for your project.)
However, Waterline’s star is 3305, while Caminte’s star is 563.
But the reason why I finally decided to choose Waterline was …
Caminte’s API document inside is full of callback.
http://www.camintejs.com/en/g …
If you look at Waterline again, they all use then.
https://github.com/balderdash …

Moreover, Waterline is an ORM developed by the famous sails framework.
Let’s choose Waterline.

Update again:
By the way, there is another jugglingdb that also supports Mongodb and Redis.
And support Promise
https://github.com/1602/juggl …