What are the advantages of thinkjs?

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The nodejs framework is very popular now.thinkjsWhat are the advantages over other nodejs frameworks?

Thank you@ Great Xia XiaoInvitation, in fact, I have seen this problem for a long time. At that time, I felt that@wangfulinHaving said all the advantages in a smart way, I did not answer again. After being invited to answer this question one year later, ThinkJS 3 was released, and I feel that what I can say is different.

Just ashttps://segmentfault.com/a/11 …According to this article, ThinkJS is committed to integrating project best practices and standardizing projects to make enterprise team development easier and more efficient. No matter how the architecture is modified, this is the original intention that will never change. This is also the biggest advantage of ThinkJS. Unified project structure integration best practices allow development to get started quickly.

ThinkJS 3 can seamlessly use Koa middleware after Koa reconfiguration, expanding its ecological market. It provides a variety of extension methods and a multi-process model, which is a relatively good selling point. Some frameworks may also have similar functions, which is not to say that ThinkJS is definitely better than them or that they are better than ThinkJS. The key is to see whether developers themselves can like this set of specifications customized by ThinkJS.

In terms of internal functions, my personal favorite is that it supports CLI access routing, which makes me handy when writing some background scripts. In addition, I prefer to extract a Logic layer separately before the Controller for parameter and permission verification, which simplifies the complexity of the Controller code and focuses on the business code.

Finally, the purpose of the framework is to make the development easier and faster and the team cooperation more convenient. I think ThinkJS is undoubtedly an excellent framework for this.