What are the big differences between iojs and node.js?

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Looking at API documents, I feel that there is little difference between them, but when I use them, I feel io.js and node.js, the design concept is very different (purely personal point of view)

You used itnode.jsIs the version not too old … v 0.10.x …

There was a difference between the two in 14 to 15 years, but there was no difference after that. …

This is the answer I have given elsewhere before.node.jsWhy did the version of the new version go directly from 0.x to 4.x?

Because ..nodeHalf the road is divided. At first the fire startedJoyentSponsored and promoted by the founderRyan DahljoinJoyentFull-time responsibilityNode.jsThe development of, basically is the companynodeI bought it.
At first, everything was fine. The company contributed money and efforts to promote the development of node. It basically did not interfere in the development of the community. The community assisted the author to submit the core code and made every effort to perfect the npm module.

After a long time, there will be contradictions. After a period of timenodeAt the same time, it gradually becomes conservative and its development is mainly stable and reliable. However, people in the community prefer to introduce new features and follow the trend of the frontier.

At last, it became more and more noisy in Blue Veins. During this period, what “personal pronoun incident” made more people choose to give up. Many great gods of node community withdrew and some chose other languages such as go.

Another part chose to be node in their own thoughts, and finally they decided to name it because of the trademark problem.io.js.

Then they started their respective versions.node.jsStill relatively slow, struggling at 0.1X.x,io.jsThen basically keep week more, 1.0 came out soon.

LaterJoyentDecisions andio.jsReconciliation. Set upnode.jsThe Foundation willnode.jsMove to foundation management, and then andio.jsTo discuss the merger, howeverio.jsThe update is very fast, and version 2.0 came out during the merger.
The final settlement was reached.io.jsThe announcement 3.0 will beio.jsThe last major version of.

Therefore, after the merger, 4.0 will be the version number of the new generation node. The general situation is as follows.
0.x ————-1.x ————– 2.x ———— 3.x ————– 4.x
Node.js-io.js-io.js-io.js-node.js plus io.js