What exactly is backbone suitable for, and is it not suitable for applications such as carvas?

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I am still a relatively small white one. I came into contact with backbone. Although my understanding is not very deep, I still have some questions:

1. I am making a small application of Draw Something based on websocket. When I practice my hands at ordinary times, I occasionally play with my girlfriend. Originally, I realized communication based on socket.io of nodejs. The front end didn’t use any framework class to directly write js naked.

After watching backbone, I plan to transplant it to backbone again, but I found it was not very suitable. If view is used to control a carvas, I need a model to store the data, while socket.io communication data should be directly put into view’s initialization inside, … I feel dizzy anyway …

I feel backbone is suitable for data-based and hierarchical Single page application, and it is natural to write communication with back-end nodejs data.

So here comes the question …. What kind of structure should Single page application like Draw Something use?

… …
Er, in short, I am confused now, that is, I know a little about everything but I can’t understand anything. I don’t know if The Con Artists has passed this time, and I hope that some of you can comment casually and give me some advice.

Canvas games deal with a lot of interactive graphics, so it is very necessary to consider using such game frameworks as limejs/phaser/cocos2d-js, which generally have good texture management, scene management, data management and other basic module functions commonly used in many games.