What exactly is WebSocket? I want to play an rtsp video on the website inside for help.

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I found it on github and said it could be used.node-rtsp-streamTo transcode the video stream,
According tohttps://www.npmjs.com/package …It’s written on,
Inpm install node-rtsp-streamLater, execute on node

Stream = require('node-rtsp-stream');
 stream = new Stream({
 name: 'name',
 streamUrl: 'rtsp://',
 wsPort: 9999

After that, it was written in js inside.

client = new Websocket('ws://localhost:9999');
 player = new jsmpeg(client, {
 canvas: canvas // Canvas should be a canvas DOM element

I don’t understand.WebsocketWhat is the address of inside? , ask the great god

The first question is,websocketWhat is it, please google or baidu?
The second problem is the address of the code inside, that is, the address of your stream server. After the stream of the above code inside gets up, it will listen to port 9999, so the client connects with port 9999 through the websocket protocol and accepts the push stream.